A Prayer for Communion

Thank you for understanding what it is like to be lonely. Help me eagerly await the day when I will be eternally with you. And please help me endure physical loneliness as I wait for the freedom to fully commune with others in person. Give me strength and hope, Father.

A Prayer for Security

Father, I praise you for your unchanging nature. You do not change. You do not grow old or weak. You are timeless and powerful, full of love and truth. You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords! You are my refuge.

Jesus Changed My Life

I always loved God. As a girl, I went to Sunday School where felt boards were my favorite. Later in childhood, my family got wrapped up in an organization that claimed to be Christian—but they taught heresy about Jesus, saying he wasn’t God, just a necessary, good person—but one who did not deserve exaltation. They…

Fixing the House

I’m listening to my husband and my son walk around the house fixing things. They declared to me, “We are fixing the house!” There’s talk of plungers, squeaky hinges, baking soda and vinegar in the sinks, screwdrivers, and safety rules about the garbage disposal. It makes my heart happy. My husband is being intentional to…