A Prayer for Humility

Thank you for being a God who is big enough to hold all of my insecurity, fear, and failure. Thank you for forgiving me time and again, for allowing me to grow—even if it’s hard—to be more like you. I am so thankful to be your child, and I trust you to be the one who is in control of my life. I lay down my anger and my pride in exchange for your grace and a humble heart. I surrender to you, Lord, and humbly ask to partake of your peace in love.

A Prayer for Healing

Father, you are the Creator, and you have compassion on your creation. You know how all living things function. Your knowledge and power can heal the brokenness in this world. You are Creator God, Healer, Redeemer!

Fixing the House

I’m listening to my husband and my son walk around the house fixing things. They declared to me, “We are fixing the house!” There’s talk of plungers, squeaky hinges, baking soda and vinegar in the sinks, screwdrivers, and safety rules about the garbage disposal. It makes my heart happy. My husband is being intentional to…

Love in the Face of Hate

I read with shock the horror of Wednesday in Charleston. And I thought, “Oh no. Not again. Not again.” I read a list of names and prayed for each one, and each family, and each face I’d never seen. In utter shock, I couldn’t even cry. And then there was today. I saw three little…