A Prayer Series for a Pandemic

An introduction to a series of prayers for security, healing, peace, patience, communion, compassion, comfort, humility, and joy as the world continues fighting a pandemic.

Jesus Changed My Life

I always loved God. As a girl, I went to Sunday School where felt boards were my favorite. Later in childhood, my family got wrapped up in an organization that claimed to be Christian—but they taught heresy about Jesus, saying he wasn’t God, just a necessary, good person—but one who did not deserve exaltation. They…


As Jesus awaited his arrest and crucifixion, he knew his coming death would break the hearts of his followers. Can you imagine walking on this earth beside Jesus, feeling comfort in his presence, courage in his power, and peace in his protection? What security in trusting your life to someone the wind and waves obeyed….

Why I Cry

It doesn’t take much for me to cry. Or smile for that matter. I have a very hard time hiding what is in my heart. But what is the reason I cry? I remember a time long ago when I didn’t know Jesus, when I misrepresented Jesus, when I had no idea who He really…