A Prayer for Communion

Thank you for understanding what it is like to be lonely. Help me eagerly await the day when I will be eternally with you. And please help me endure physical loneliness as I wait for the freedom to fully commune with others in person. Give me strength and hope, Father.


As Jesus awaited his arrest and crucifixion, he knew his coming death would break the hearts of his followers. Can you imagine walking on this earth beside Jesus, feeling comfort in his presence, courage in his power, and peace in his protection? What security in trusting your life to someone the wind and waves obeyed….

The Easter Kind of Love

On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate love. But I think Easter does a better job of it. Easter celebrates the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ—the ultimate act of love and redemption in all the course of human history. And I’m thinking today about the love of Jesus, and how we’re supposed to love like that,…